World's Largest Mushroom?

Stiles Thomas claims he has the world's largest mushroom growing in his yard, and who are we to argue?

Note: Last month Stiles claimed to have the world's largest strawberry, then claimed that critters ate it before I could photograph it. (This is a distant cousin of the "dog ate my homework" ruse.

Stiles later admitted that he had purchased the alleged large strawberry at a grocery.

I believe the mushrooms are genuine. I have placed a quarter in one of the photos for scale.

Does anyone know what kind of mushrooms they are?


My gracious! Warblers are on the Move

Judy Cinquina writes:

I had a young American Redstart in my birdbath around 5:15 p.m. yesterday. So
the fall warbler migration is in motion.

Let's see who can find (and photograph) the first migrant warbler at the Celery Farm.

That will exclude any Yellow or Common Yellowthroats because they may be local residents, although
Yellows are on the move.

You can witness the Yellow movement along the Transco Trail at DeKorte right now.

(Thanks, Judy! Great idea.)

Bald Eagle @ CF Today -- PIx

Walt Staab is on a roll. On Sunday, he took some awesome pix of a Peregrine Falcon at the Celery Farm. Today, while photographing a raccoon, he looked up to see a Bald Eagle and grabbed a couple of shots.

Thanks, Walt!  (Let's hope the bird comes back on Sunday for the Hour on the Tower folks.)

Link to the post with Walt's Peregrine pix is here

Walt needs to photograph an Osprey next to complete the trilogy of raptors that have made a remarkable comeback after DDT almost drove extirpated them in many parts of the U.S.