Backyard Wren Fest

The House Wrens in the Wright-Finn backyard are now parents of at least two hungry chicks.

Thought I'd share a few photos. I also have photos of one of the parents removing the equivalent of a dirty diaper, but thought I'd spare you.

By the way, this is the nesting box that replaced the one I wrote about in The Record a year ago. That column is here.




Monday Mystery 061917: Trail-Cam Pix

Since early May, I have had a motion-sensitive trail cam next to Stiles Thomas bird drip.

I have deleted thousands of images and kept a few, including a little surprise or two.

We can I.D. most of them. How about you?  I'll post at least two a week so as no prolong the agony.

(I would have gotten a high-def trail cam but they cost three times as much.)


Two Artistic Mysteries Answered


Last Monday I wrote:

Every spring, I read my Celery Farm children's books to Mrs. Jones' class at the Temple Hill School in Newburgh, and I also showed them photos that Jerry Barrack had taken of other birds at the Celery Farm over a decade ago.

One student thought the bird above looked like "a Chinese chicken."Another called the bird below a "Mohawk bird." The following day they decided to drew these birds from memory.

What real-life bird looks like a Chinese chicken? Which looks like it has a Mohawk?

The answers, at least from the young students' point of view are:

The Chinese Chicken is a Ring-billed Pheasant., no longer seen at the Celery Farm. alas. (According to a pheasant-hunting forum, they are sometimes called  "Chinese Chickens." Who knew?)

The Mohawk Bird is a Belted Kingfisher.