My 'Real James Bond' Talk Is Friday!

Jim Wright Book Cover(1)
My free Zoom talk on "The Real James Bond" is tomorrow (Friday, Oct, 23) at 8 p.m.

The real-life James Bond was an ornithologist and noted naturalist/adventurer from Philadelphia who was an expert on the birds of the Caribbean.

When Ian Fleming was looking for a name for his fictional British secret agent, he looked at the cover of his birding bible, Birds of the West Indies, saw the author’s name, and simply stole it.

My talk for the Fyke Nature Association will cover such topics as Bond’s iconic field guide, his identity theft by Ian Fleming, and Bond’s solo expeditions to the Caribbean.

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Bright Lights, Big Death Trap

Earlier this month,  The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a disturbing article about more than 1,000 migratory birds dying after flying into the bright lights of the city's tall buildings on a foggy night.

Today The Inquirer followed up with an Op-Ed n how the city can reduce the disturbing number of deaths.

You can read it here.