Another Celery Farm Shout-out

Bruce Davis joined the Celery Farm volunteer corps this fall and has done a great job removing that excess aquatic planlife that was choking Lake Appert.

Bruce recently finished restoring the great view of the lake from the Pena Bench (above) and removing a blanket of floating pennywort nearby.  A similar view before Bruce got to work is below. Quite a difference.

(Thanks, Bruce!)

Pena bench before



Celery Farm Shout-out No.1

IMG_0025The Celery Farm Natural Area is 107 acres of woods, wetlands and water, and roughly 1.5 miles of trails.

That's a lot of nature for volunteers to keep up with.

And that's why we were thrilled when Ethan Shaw volunteered to mow the Green Way path this summer. 

Ethan has mowed several times this year, following in the footsteps of long-time Fyke volunteer Hans Sammer.

Next spring, he plans to mow the open spaces and trail by Phair's Pond as well.

(A big thank you to Ethan, and to Mike Buckley and Kevin Watson, who also mowed this year.)

Rusty Blackbirds at the CF

IMG_9829 (2)
Nice Rusty Blackbird show this afternoon along the path by the Pirie-Mayhood Tower and Allendale Brook, rooting through leaf litter. A bit skittish.

Even got a shot of a female puffed up, bathing.  That may be a reason she's rusty.

Plus an America Coot. The Bleted Kingfigher is hanging around as well.


Monday Audubon Mysteries Solved

On Monday I asked readers to identify a bird and a mammal I photographed recently at Audubon's Homestead in Mill Grove, Pa., outside of Philadelphia.

IMG_9727For the above photo, Louise Riccobene said... Yellow-rumped Warbler! 

Looks good to me. (And an immature one at that.)

IMG_9721 For this photo, I asked: Fox or Coyote?

Chris Alber said it was a mangy Red Fox, and Peter Burger concurred. I do, too.

(Thanks, all!)