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OWL: The Family Screech, Part VI

OWL: The Family Screech, Part V


   In this video, the owlets are nearly a month old, and it is about time for them to go.
   Mom no longer enters the nesting box, and is not seen in  this video.
   In videos past, I have done tight editing and snappy music, but we are nearing the end of the line and for me at least, it's a bittersweet time.
   So I let the video unfold -- no feeding frenzys, no wacky youngsters.
   This is best played with the sound on.
   On a lighter note, around 1:29 into the video, I think you can hear the first known recording of screech-owlet flatulence. I apologize in their behalf.
   See what you think (and hear).

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