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June 2008

CELERY FARM: Dragonfly evening



Last night was one of those enchanted evenings at the Warden's Watch. A gentle breeze, a comfortable temperature, and solitude.
  In the distance, an egret, a great blue heron and black-crowned
Img_2568_2 night heron fished for their suppers.
  Closer by, a kingbird and chimney swifts hunted bugs, and a snapping turtle went for a swim.
  On my way to the Celery Farm, through my neighbor's backyard, I saw a B-52 of a dragonfly parked on a birdbath.
  On the path to the Warden's Watch, smaller dragonflies abounded, clearly in the mood for romance as they darted after one another.
  I sat on the Warden's Watch for a spell, lis
Img_2587tening to distant red-winged blackbirds and watching the day wind down.
    At 7 p.m., the distant reeds were still bathed in daylight.
   Nothing better than a long summer's evening, even if the calendar says that the change of seasons is still a week away.


   This video features a woodchuck looking out of its den on a path in DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst, when Junior butts in.
  As with my other videos, this one is best played with the sound "on."
   For more information on this abundant Meadowlands mammal, click here.
  Note: I realize that it is a bad idea to take hang out in front of birds' nests or mammals' dens in an effort to get a family portrait. The animals feel threatened and cannot escape.

  For this video, I used a trick I learned minutes earlier from a professional cameraman: You put the video-cam on a tripod not too far from entrance, hit "record," and walk away. 

  Later on, you come back, retrieve the camera  and see what you caught on video. :-)