More Monday Warbler Mystery Photos

There seems to be a mild debate whether this warbler that I photographed near the Celery Farm on Saturday was named after a city or a state.

Four hours after the bird appeared, I saw it again in the same area... (pix above.)

John Pastore reports that he photographed the bird below near the Warden's Watch the same day. We both wonder if it could be the same bird, and what it is. Thanks.



Crestwood Lake Is Drained

Stopped by Crestwood Lake in Allendale this a.m. and saw that lake has been drained.

I heard the Killdeer before I saw them. A Great Blue Heron, assorted sparrows, American Crows and a Carolien Wren were out and about as well.

I need to return with binoculars!

This can be a great birding spot when dog walkers don't get too close to the lake perimeter...

Fighting Rat Poison Statewide

GHO the day before found poisoned MG_9905Eileen Murphy of NJ Audubon and I  recently wrote an Op-Ed article for the excellent NJ Spotlight news website about combating rat poisons that kill our raptors, other wildlife and pets.

It's a  problem across New Jersey (and beyond) -- and as our article mentions, Allendale gets a tip of the hat for the Borough Council's recent resolution to stop using the worst rat poisons on borough property and to urge businesses and residents to stop using these poisons as well.

You can read the Op-Ed here.

The Great Horned Owl pictured in the article (also pictured above) died from secondary rat poisoning in Allendale the day after I photographed it last winter.

That owl's death helped start efforts to raise awareness. With the help of students from Northern Highlands Regional High School and Allendale residents, we highlighted the number of rat-poison bat stations in Allendale.

We hope to bring that effort statewide.

My Column: Carroll Tyson's Bird Print

My latest column for The Record and other USA Today newspapers in New Jersey is about the bird prints of Carroll Tyson, often called the Audubon of Maine.

A century ago, Tyson painted dozens of watercolors that ultimately became a set of 20 fine arts lithographs, including the redstart print above.

You can read the column here (hopefully you'll find it thought-provoking):

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