Monday Morning Mystery 102323

A friend writes:

My daughter and I saw something very strange this morning when we were having breakfast. 

Flocks of birds (mostly Robins) gathered on the roof of her red Subaru in our driveway. It looked like a clip from the movie, "The Birds."

The birds kept flying in continuously and appeared to be having a huge convention with a delectable breakfast. To our knowledge, there wasn't any food on the roof for them to feast on.

The birds remained there for 35 minutes or more, and we could not tell if they were feasting before migrating south or preparing for bad weather due in this area over the weekend.

Can you explain?

My New Book: Today's the Day

1 Jerry close-up Red-phase in nest box (1)
|A project that I started in February 2021 arrives today.

That same month, Scott Weston and I began working together on a screech owl book, and we have been a great team ever since. (Thanks, Scott!)

And now The Screech Owl Companion,  from Timber Press is now officially on sale.

The book is pretty close to what I originally proposed (I featured this photo from Jerry Barrack back then, and it appeared in the finished book; Thanks, Jerry!):

"My goal is to write the best-darned screech owl book ever… For those who love screech owls or live near one…  To help screech owls flourish. This book offers, for the first time, an inside look at the remarkable secret lives of Eastern Screech Owls."

I even mentioned squirrels early on.

You can buy a signed copy at Wild Birds Unlimited in Paramus.